Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New artwork

I've been feeling a little burned out on scrap booking so I decided to work on some other artwork for a while. A few years ago I started drawing zentangles, they are so much fun so I decided to make some new ones. Here are two that I did this week.
Last night I started making my first Zetti. I have enjoyed this artform for some time but never took the time to do my own. I was bored and looking for something new to do and came across Teesha Moore's site, she is the creator of Zettis. So here is my first Zetti. It was fun to make and I know I will be making more.

1 comment:

  1. You nailed it! Perfect zetti!

    Now, I have a little suggestion on how to maximize this - I find that making zettis at ATC size is difficult for me. What I have started doing is making larger zetti figures, scanning them, and printing them at a small size to collage onto ATC backgrounds. Even Teesha Moore says that she does this, scanning her art to reuse on different pages.